Presently, Ashwani Sharma is a councillor of ward no. 19 in Gurugram. He is the Chairman of Building & Roads Regulation committee and Vice-Chairman of Accounts and Audit committee of Municipal Corporation Gurugram. He is known among his people as a kindhearted, dutiful, hard working and down to earth individual. Amidst people, in his constituency, he is particularly known for helping people in their problems and providing justice to the needy. From decades, he has been working as a social worker for the holistic and all encompassing development of the entire city.

His vision not only focuses on the development of entire Gurugram city but go beyond and aims for the overall growth of our country. Over the years, he has maintained constructive relationships with media agencies. Through his impressive written as well as verbal skills, he has gained impeccable reputation among media and masses. He believes that progress can only be achieved through solidarity among different strata of people and focusing on the big picture of a peaceful country.

Throughout his 32 years of social service, Ashwani Sharma has been working for the upliftment and well-being of the people of Gurugram. He stood for the weakest; transgressed own limits and went ahead to bring the smile on the faces of downtrodden and impoverished people. He has had not only been putting other people’s concern and their miseries on utmost priority but strived that aggrieved people get the meaningful solution to their miseries. Eventually, he decided to go full-spectrum; reach out to as many people as possible and work dedicatedly for the entire country. It derived him to fight elections; get the popular legitimacy. As he is currently serving people as an elected Councillor, he eyes for a greater role on the national stage. This will allow him to realise his dreams of good governance, timely delivery of basic services in a qualitative manner. For a prosperous society, we need to synergise our efforts in sync with our community needs. Let’s make our country great. Let’s be the whole.



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